Devoir de Mémoire - Duty to remember.
"Until the lions have their historians, hunting tales will always glory hunters". African Proverb

"Aussi longtemps que les lions n’auront pas leurs historiens, les récits de chasse seront toujours a la gloire des chasseurs”. Proverbe Africain.

For African Lions busy organizing the jungle and opening new paths for the rest of us.


Cher Lecteur, comme sous l'arbre à palabre de mon village se raconte ici l'histoire de l'Internet en Afrique et des Organisations Africaines
pour la gouvernance de l'Internet comme l'auteur l'a vécu, sans parti pris.
Afin que tu saches et que tu puisses prendre des positions éclairées.

Dear Reader, as under the palaver tree in my village here we tell the story of the Internet in Africa and African Organizations
for Internet Governance as seen by the author, without bias.
May this contribution guide your positions.

AF* and The development of Internet in Africa.

From my notes as a witness.

§  About Jon Postel [Link]

§  Honoring Africans Jon Postel Awards. [Link]

§  Hall of Fames.  [Work In Progress]

§  2014

§  Dorcas Muthoni. [Link]

§  Steve Huter (A Friend of Africa) [Link]

§  2013

§  NII Quaynor [Link]

§  2012

§  Randy Bush [Link]

§  Kilnam Chon [Link]

§  African Internet Achievers. NII Service Award.

§  The Leland Imitative: Internet for Africa. 4 June 1996. [Link]

§  Africa Internet Group & Cotonou Conference December 15 - 17, 1998 (hosted by Pierre Dandjinou). [Link]

§  African Organizations for Internet Governance. [AfStar]

§  The African Secret Working Group. [Link]

§  African Undersea Cables. (Song, Steve). [Link]

§  AU Supporting Internet Exchange Points in Africa [AXIS Project]



§  Afrispam Working Group Report. (06.01.2008). [Afrispam]

§  Internet Security And AfricaCERT Premises. [Internetsecurity]

§  Crypto Officers. [Link]

§  Computer Security Incident Response Teams in Africa. [Link]

§  Internet Infrastructure Security Guidelines for Africa [IISGA]

§  Cyber Security Trends and Government Responses in Africa [AU-SYMANTEC]

§  African Union Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection [AFCYBDPA]

§  CERT/CC-Promoting-cybersecurity-due-diligence-across-africa.

§  JPCERT Blog on Africa [AfricaBlog]

§  Question to President Clinton [PClintonIcann]

§  Who is doing What in the African Cybersecurity Arena. [Initiatives]

§  ITU Cybersecurity [ITU]


Let’s Talk About AfriNIC.

§  AfriNIC Proposal. 26 March 1997.  [html]

§  First AfriNIC Business Plan [Link]

§  Africa Meets in Yokohama. Alain Aina. 20 July 2000. [Link]

§  AfriNIC Status Update. RIPE 46 - Amsterdam. 04 September 2003 [Link]

§  AfriNIC submits Application to ICANN to be recognized as the fifth RIR. 6 September 2004. [Link]


dotafrica Saga. 

§  From Rathbawn Computers Limited application for. africa in 2000 to how African leaders fought to keep it for the Continent. [Link]

§  .Africa has  twins and  struggles. [Link]

§  DCA Trust v. ICANN [Link]

§  ICANN Free To Proceed with the Delegation Following Court Decision - 9 February 2017. [Link]

§  Follow The Flag. [TheFlag]

§  dotAfrica Roadshow [RoadShow]

ICANN In Africa. [Work In progress]

§  ICANN-ASWG Initiative [ASWG]

§  Office in Nairobi. May 23, 2016. [Link]

§  First Capacity Building Workshop for GAC Members - 23-24 January 2017. [Link]

§  ICANN Accredited Registrars from Africa.


§  Genious Communications SARL/AU (Morroco)

§  Ghana Dot Com Ltd.(Ghana)

§  Internet Solutions (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)

§ SA (Senegal)

§  Upperlink Limited (Nigeria)

§  Web4Africa Inc. (South Africa)


§  Let’s Talk About ISOC

§  Internet Society Inet Conferences where Africa Internet Group gathered.  [93 to 2002]

§  Internet Society Bord of Trustees [ISOC Trustees]

§  Internet in Africa By Internet Society. [Link]

§  ISOC Africa IETF Initiative. [Link]

§  Internet Society and African Chapters. [ISOC]

§  Network Operators Groups in Africa Share Their Stories [NOGs]


§  AfriDNS ( Registered by Alan Levin. Creation Date: 2000-07-27) [Link]

§  Les Labtics.Combler le fossé numérique ente le Nord et le Sud. [Lien].
Ouverts au Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritanie, Niger et Togo; ils s’incrivent dans le cadre 
du programme «Appropriation et usage des technologies de l’information et de la communication » de l’Agence
Intergouvernementale de la Francophonie (calendrier des formations en annexe).

§  Il était une fois les RALL. (Rencontre Africaine des Logiciels Libres).

§  Africa Regional ccTLD (AfTLD) Representative Election. Jun 18, 2005 [Link]

§  Afrispa (ISP Association, Internet Exchange point and AfIX Project). [Link]

Let's talk about the Organizations contributing to the Development of Cyber Initiatives in Africa.
(Disclaimer: There are many more)

§  African Computer Emergency Response Teams (AfricaCERT)

§  African Network Operators Group (AfNOG)

§  Ghana Network Operators Group (ghNOG)

§  Nigerian Network Operators Group (ngNOG)

§  Senegal Network Operators Group (SnNOG)

§  Southern Africa Network Operators Group (SafNOG)

§  Sudan Network Operators Group (SdNOG)

§  Tanzania Network Operators Group (TzNOG)

§  African Network Information Center (AfriNIC)

§  African Women in Technology (AfChix)

§  African Top-Level Domain Organization (AfTLD)

§  African Research and Education Network [AfREN]

§  African Internet Governance Forum (AfIGF)

§  The African Peering & Interconnection Forum [AfPIF]

§  ANSSI - Agence Nationale de la Securite des systemes d'Information. [Link]

§  Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie [Link]

§  ITU [ITU]

§  The Network Startup Resource Center [NSRC]

§  APCERT [link]

§  JPCERT [link]

§  FIRST [Link]

§  KISA [Link]

Notes: This is an ongoing work. The page will be updated as I extract information from old times.
Thank you for your support.

If you have additional information about the History of Internet in Africa,
please let me know.
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