Devoir de Mémoire - Duty to remember.

"Until the lions have their historians, hunting tales will always glory hunters

"Aussi longtemps que les lions n’auront pas leur historiens, les récits de chasse seront toujours a la gloire des chasseurs”. Proverbe Africain.

For African Lions busy organizing the jungle and opening new paths for the rest of us.


Cher Lecteur, comme sous l'arbre à palabre de mon village se raconte ici l'histoire de l'Internet en Afrique et des Organisations Africaines
pour la gouvernance de l'Internet comme l'auteur l'a vécu, sans partie pris.

Afin que tu saches et que tu puisses prendre des positions éclairées.

Dear Reader, as under the palaver tree in my village here we tell the story of the Internet in Africa and African Organizations
for Internet Governance as seen by the author, without bias.
May this contribution guide your positions.

AF* and Their development in Africa. From my notes as a witness

                    Organizations contributing to the Development of Internet in Africa.
        (Disclaimer: There are many more)

Notes: This is an ongoing work. The page will be updated as I extract information from old times.
Thank you for your support. If you have additional information about the History of Internet in Africa,
please let me know.

Notes: Few pictures are borrowed from other websites.

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